Our Vineyard

Our VineyardAs amateurs we have been making wine for the past 17 years. We have our temperature controlled cellar in the garage as well as our chemistry lab.

As harvest approaches we can keep our grape buyer informed of the Brix, pH, TA etc.

The soil is San Ysidro sandy clay loam. The Cabernet Sauvignon vines are on 1103P rootstock with clone 8.

The four acre vineyard rows are 6’X10’ and have an east-west orientation.

Our VineyardWe have a modified vertical shoot position trellis system.

The north side of the row is vertical, thus allowing the grape clusters good airflow as well as morning and late afternoon sun. The south side shoots (sun side) are allowed to grow with less catch wire influence. This provides a dappled sun exposure to the fruit with minimal cluster burn and yet still achieves optimum skin phenolics production.

Our VineyardThere are between 9-11 shoot positions per vine. The unilateral vines are spur pruned with an average of one to five pruning weight on the six-foot cordon. This averages around 4.5 lbs of fruit per vine with the average tonnage at less than three tons/acre. Between 8-10 tons of cabernet sauvignon are available for purchase. We have some Syrah.

We are members of Central Coast Vineyard Team as well as the IGGPRA, with emphasis on sustainable farming practices.

In the past five years we have used Regulated Deficit Irrigation to improve wine grape quality. Using a plant based monitoring system like the Pressure Chamber (“pressure bomb”), we monitor exactly what the plant is experiencing. By imposing a measurable level of water stress to the vine during berry development, we have found that we can enhance the flavor profile of our cab.

Soil water levels for the vines are monitored. Down through the root mass, readings are taken at 10”, 20” and 30” to determine the amount of water that is available for the requirements of the vine.

Utilizing the data from both of these systems, we can structure an irrigation program that can optimize the development of ultra premium fruit.

Soil samples as well as plant tissue are routinely analyzed. Plant nutrition is largely responsible for disease control. From soil treatments to vine health, we have successfully used the Ultra Gro products since we planted our vineyard nine years ago.